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Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Age Increased, "Junior" Take Changed

Natural, increasingly age, the body's ability to produce hormones even reduced. The impact of this process penuaan not only the visible appearance of the skin but also the body organs, including vital tool. What penuaan that may occur in the "junior"?

Not a secret anymore that the function of the male sexual organs continue to decrease over time with age. The decline rate testoteron (male hormone) in the men's old age can cause andropause which result in various changes. A course, easily tired, lethargic, hair fall, Libido decreased, over the penis, can even occur impotensi and blood circulation problems.

Beyond this, the latest research shows that it also experienced significant changes over age. What are the changes experienced by the penis?

Arts and Appearance
There are two major changes that are kasat eyes can be seen from the means of vital men. First is the head of the penis gradually change color due to the reduced blood circulation to this area. In addition, the hair on the privates will also be low.

"Decreasing degree testoteron can make it take a long time to return to the period before pubertas, such as hair reduction in this area."

Increasing age of men is usually followed by the addition of body weight. Cumulation of fat in the lower part of the stomach to make the size of the penis off. Although depreciation is not dramatic, but still visible. "When the men in the 30s, when ereksi size penisnya reach 6 inches, may be in the age 60-70 years in length, only about 5 inches."

What makes it subside? According to experts there are two causes. First is the cumulation of fat deposits that cause arterial plaque in the small penis. This plaque causes the blood flow to the penis is obstructed. Cumulation plaque (ateroklerosis) that occur in the heart causes the heart attack.
The cause of the second, is the reduced elasticity due to the decrease collagen layer of the corral room ereksi fiber. Ereksi occurs when the blood chamber is filled. Nah, arterial closure in the penis to make this room more elastic that does not result in a reduced level of violence during ereksi.

When it changed, so too with the testis. "Around 40 years of age, testis join shrink." Testis size in men aged 30 have an approximately 3 cm diameter, but when the men aged 60 years, live 2 cm in size.

Penis enlargement made recklessly without medical control of the network can cause a scar around the penis to become uneven. This will cause a curved penis or peyronie called. This condition will cause pain when ereksi and make it sexual. To correct the condition the penis, is usually necessary action operations.

Less Sensitive
Various research shows the older age, "combat equipment" men are increasingly less sensitive to the stimulus. As a result, the junior built so difficult and hard to reach the orgasme.

Fortunately the changes in vital organs occurs slowly and varies starting. It's a start in age 40's, 50's, 60's, even after 65 years. So that a decrease in vital organ function is not too sharp, the key one: living healthy.


chikal said...

klo biar tahan lama gmn tuh si junior??

Career said...

nice post and info...

Ahmad said...

@chikal. kl mau tahan lama g perlu pake obat2an pola hidup sehat aj, tips2nya ad d postingan di atasnya tuh
@career. Thx ya....