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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Due to Difficult Greng Poor hormones

AS is the case when women enter the menopause, men can also lose the spark of a result of various causes of sexual abuse. One of them is due to the low or less testosteron hormone in the blood so that is able to reduce sexual function. In medical terms, the low testosteron level is called Testosteron Deficiency Syndrome (TDS).

Due to lack of this hormone, men can be a difficult experience ereksi, even ereksi normal that is common in the morning is not the case. Not only that, because it is very important for the body, the hormone level will be subject to create cells in the body disturbed.

If brain cells are affected, the patient may quickly forget, hard to concentrate, to think hard and clear. Likewise, if cells causes osteoporosis bone disrupted. Skin becomes rough because selnya-disrupted cells, and others.

Normally, testosteron level in the blood is 12 nmol/l to 40 nmol/l. However, there is some degree of male hormones, or not less developed. Why does it happen? There are several factors that affect.

  1. Congenital factors. Since the uterus, the formation of the hormone is disrupted.
  2. Diseases Diabetes Mellitus one. The failure of the body to process sugar, make a pile of sugar is harmful to blood vessel and nerve. The formation was disrupted hormone testosteron.
  3. Lifestyle is not healthy. That's why TDS risk experienced by men in large cities. Smoking, drinking alcoholic beverages or drugs, lack of exercise, poor management and stress, make many men lost their "courage" in the young.
  4. Age or andropause. This is the cause of most. Generally, men aged 40 years and over decreased hormone level gradually. As quoted from Massachussets Male Aging Study (1991) and Vermeulen (1992), at age 40, men experience a decrease in blood testosteron approximately 1.2% per year.
Even at age 70, male testosteron level reduction can reach 70%. However, for implementing healthy lifestyles, the decline in natural testosteron level is not too prevent male sexual activity.

Healthy Lifestyle
To find out, whether it is caused Erectile Dysfunction TDS or not, doctors will usually perform blood examination. If testosteron level in the blood below normal, the Erectile Dysfunction occurs due to TDS.

But do not worry because the TDS can be corrected with hormone drugs. Various forms, there are tablet, there is also a form of injection. With the treatment regularly, testosteron level expected in the body can return to the normal range. Some foods are also believed to help increase testosteron hormone level, such as bean sprouts. Well, if the treatment is done with regular, then the expected value of the low testosteron increases to normal. Normally testosteron make men back "brave."

Another thing to note the men, there is no "strong medicine" that is able to overcome Erectile Dysfunction due to TDS. In addition, do not forget sports routinely and regularly. Provide enough time for exercise. At least two times a week. Then, the consumption of food that healthy and nutritious. Avoid foods that contain lots of fat and cholesterol. Remember also: reduce stress. Avoid smoking and alcohol. Finally, adequate rest. All that can make male hormone level remains normal and stable. Simple enough right?

But There is Little
If the male hormone testosteron have to make the characteristics of men appear, such as the jakun, mustache, beard, penis and the female bass have the hormone estrogen. Hormones that make women experiencing menstruasi, soft-spoken, smooth-faced, has a breast, and others. However, it does not mean men do not have the hormone estrogen. There are, but the measure low. So even vice versa. Women also have a measure testosteron although slightly.

Growth Hormone is Not
Male hormone level will generally increase during the puber. Not surprisingly, in this age when changes occur, either physical or psychological. However, there are some men who do not measure hormone lelakinya increase / expand. Usually caused by congenital factors or hormones testosteronnya formation process is delayed since birth. As a result, the male organ that does not grow well, as have mikropenis (small penis) or the penis and testis does not develop. Growth of secondary-growth "men" is also disrupted, as jakun does not grow, not with mustache, no feathers on the legs and chest. Voice can be soft like a woman.

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