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Sunday, July 12, 2009

7 The Women's Sexy in a Roll

Make the pleasure lies in the perfection game, and a compact team work. Have a great pair and the desire to understand each of you will be more easier for you to reach peak orgasme.

Read more in caginess pair while on bed, you must know the characteristics of women with sexy time on the bed, the following characteristics:

Always full of freshness
The cornerstone for the woman before the make a fresh start with. Do not be fooled if the pair always appear fresh and clean in front of you, because this is a sign he wanted to become a special moment with you. Skin clean and soft and fragrant scent of her body, not to ensnare your attention. Especially when you touch the sensitive area, you will find not only fresh but he will be more vibrant with action prankish you.

Playing expert oral
Provide special surprise is one of the binding concentration of your efforts, the pair slowly began using finger hands fumble around in your body to the most important part in the count and start time to give direct mouth, oral sensation for you. So that the more turbulent, the women are usually smooth oral sensation while you contemplate the two eyes. Consequently, the stronger the sensation is felt, until you feel faint created.

Opening a new adventure
When this pair you always look red-faced and aggressive attitude you wait, now he is no longer passive, but spontaneously opens new adventure with all kinds of mischief that makes you not hold. Start with a smooth moment to talk dirty erotic dance show.

He proposed the idea make the latest

Behind her plainness, without you know save the pair enjoy a myriad of brilliant ideas dating sex with a refreshing you. Various ideas such as prankish enjoy dating sex on the table or various locations that have not you ever try. In fact, no doubt he began to learn techniques-techniques make progress so that when no longer bashful and add in a variety of improvisation so that heat the atmosphere.

Sensual and sexy pose
Appear before the challenging things that you is not difficult for himself. Your always the first section with packing pajamas that mini, now already be on the move and pose-pose sensual. You will see a couple more freely without dressing in clothing, posing on the bed sensual. Even when he was in front of you no doubt look in the mirror that shows the body section.

Attribute section that never left
Not only sensual pose with no clothes, to tone up your brush and dig up the various ideas such as a bright start impose various attributes of the section you wish to raise the unremitting glow. Do not be fooled when you see a couple posing with the sexy lingerie complete with Stocking and shoes with high Hells or other attributes such as a hat and a stick, but take advantage of this moment, so you will not be easy to forget.

Smart play sex flash
Even though you and the pair hit on the problem of time, but this is not a difficult matter for the pair. The many spectacular action ready to take you on the beautiful brush so that you no longer able to reject the call to make though is just the time remaining in minutes. Enjoy every moment and this pair so that you still feel warm and impassioned.


chikal said...

waduuh dah ada lagi nih..
yang kmrn aja lom gw praktekin..

Ahmad said...

chikal @ Biar Banyak Pariasi, kan lebih Asyik...!!!

puyeng said...

ada award tuuh ambil gih yang lu suka yang mana.

Career said...

if we talk about girl,make me up..:D