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Thursday, July 9, 2009

This is the Women's Sensitive Spot

Make is always the most diverting activities. Unfortunately when doing this, most men only genital area is to the spouse. In fact, many sensitive point in the whole body of women who are ready to explore.

Point to stimulate sensitive woman can make the action feel to the more impassioned he can not match your actions. Therefore, never forget to do foreplay action nan seduce.

Appropriate stimulus will result in kind, so do not directly and specifically on clitoris genital area. If you want to know the point sensitive woman, this is some of the body zone pair that you can explore.
He bite the thigh
Although the pair do not want to make, enforce action flatter and less bite in the second pair thigh is one of the most effective techniques arouse the desire him.

To expedite this action, you can use a hand or finger at the tip of the nose. Guaranteed in a short time to respond to natural pair prankish you.

Excitative navel and thumb pair
During foreplay event, most often men, more specifically in the genital area until he passes the dots other sensitive body spouses. As the navel and the thumb. In fact the second body part is you can not miss it so. Thus many women who crave more excitement in this area.

Therefore, in order to place struggle feels more sensual, try exploring both this area. How easy, smell the thumb section he may be tongue and play in your navel. The second is guaranteed to make the sensation he felt the heat of action you this time.

Touch the breast with a section he
In addition to Miss V, a sensitive point pair is able to stimulate breast. Breast rack section with a touch of the burning desire of the more impassioned he.

To be more action this bait, you can stroke the second pair hilt while suck with your tongue and lips. Wow!


chikal said...

gimana caranya ya biar tuh cwe terangsang?? kadang2 cwe tu malu2 sih kan jadi bingung gw gmn cara awalnya

Ahmad said...

chikal @ Kalo Mau Tau CW tu Terangsang or Tidak Lebih Dalem Lagi Mendingan Nikah Dulu Itu Baru Asyik, Kl Blm Nikah Susah Ngeceknya, Takut DOsa Pak...!!!