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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Kamasutra Sex Version

Who do not know the Kamasutra? Classic works of art and sex skills make this teaching style and make the most formidable position.

If you and your partner to follow the style guide Kamasutra, guaranteed to give pleasure in the event there is no equal struggle. Section, not only the style make it, in the Kamasutra was taught some action touch, smell, bite and seduce.

Kamasutra style make the most attractive partner, provides inspiration for many with some techniques and positions of extremes, such as:

Position 69
Style make this can be done with the second pair face each other in parallel and in bed. With this position makes it easier to maneuver pair.

Position 69 can you do with the fingers to do the oral. Touching and penetration clitoris him. How to do anything in order to pair loose rein. But not excessive, because the he can spontaneously release Mr your P.

Standing position
When couples do actions knees, then you arrive near the time and he put one foot in the bed, while you stand with one foot. Lift one leg and he is directed towards your ankle. With this position he was holding the hand of ease and embrace your neck, while you make do with the action.

Woman on Top Position
If you want to practice Kamasutra, you can apply the style of women on top. This style is able to increase the enthusiasm and spirit during the mourning phase in progress.

Style is also easier for your pet hair, and make him able to control the speed of movement that allows for penetration.

When you let him hold the control, next to could be a style choice to make with him in the comfort of long duration. To provide more comfort, no one put a pillow to prop the head.

Pin position
Open your legs to facilitate action toward Miss V. Let him sit at the top of your foot and sandarkan hands to your shoulder. Hold the waist, and lift up the body and directed Mr. P toward Miss. V.

Man on Top Position
This position is a position terfavorit to womanhood, her section easily control the depth of penetration.

To make with this position, you can simply let the pair ago supine with legs wide open, lowering the head and leave your hands off. When this position, you must hug the body and put his hands on your shoulder for easy insertion of Mr P.

Position each other face to face
When your knees, buttocks and hold the increase to its V-Miss Mr P you go. Win one of the legs and place it on your shoulder while he rest in your hands. If you need a balance, then you can use one hand to put him on the bed. Then, back in action!

Position of horse
Action such as the middle of horse racing, you can do one of the Kamasutra positions that provide a different sensation.

You can perform this action with the standing position, while the pair do kayang position with hands touching the ground. Position of horses can also be done with the style, the pair bow. This style is guaranteed akan increase your passion and gives best penetration.


chikal said...

waduuhhhh.... enak nih klo ada terjemahannya pa lagi klo ada cwenya hehehehee......

Ahmad said...

chikal @ demi Tuk Dapet Adsn pake bahasa Inggris aj ya PAK, hehehehe...
lah kpn wkt malem minggu bawa CW tuh udah Nikahin...!!!

nafsu said...

waduuh tangan nakal ya klo ini mah