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Tuesday, June 2, 2009

G-Spot Vs Clitoris

Important action that you want to do when lost is to ask for direction and guidance. Moreover, if it is related to the action in bed.

You should not feel stupid or bad self-talk when the zone needs satisfaction and the pair specialty orgasme women. There are two easy way to bring couples to the top orgasme, especially Clitoris area and stimulate the G-spot. Each area requires attention and treatment to be present for this unique sensation.

Clitoris is the only body part a woman cause a sensation of comfort, both physically and psychologically at the Mr P touch. This area is rich in nerves and sensitive to the touch. Clitoris located on the outside, exactly on the front of Miss V. Clitoris small protruding to the outside.

Man is surrounded so many theories about how best to stimulate the female orgasme through clitoris area. Here are some of them:
  • Start slowly. This area is very sensitive and will react better if you start with a soft and slow. Couples akan cue on sensitive areas if you are treated more intensely.
  • Do not forget also the surrounding area. Sensitive nerve extends to around clitoris and he will get the satisfied feeling of the whole area. So do not focus too clitoris because not only make them comfortable. The key, variations in the movement.
  • Speed is also important. Increased attacks that continue to movement better than the sporadic or inconsistent. Feel free to combine any variety of techniques.
Because of its location, can be paired in clitoris excitative with three ways, namely:
  1. Stimulus manual offers a starting point most easily. You can still see what you do so more easily measure the reaction pair.
  2. Intercourse, especially with your position on it. You can ask for referrals from it in order to more optimally.

G-spot is small rich akan nerve. G-spot is in the Miss V, precisely in the front of the walls (near the belly button). G-spot feels swell with a touch of excitement. Due to its position, this area did not need to be able to practice hard in excitative perfect. Therefore, the area to stimulate the G-spot pair is basically up to you, but can at least with two roads, including:
  • During intercourse, allows you to manage themselves. Mr P you push the G-spotnya area especially with the rear-entry position as the best angle.
  • Finger-finger you can far more dexterous in finding G-spot. So, during foreplay, insert your finger in and moving through to the belly button and surface. There, you will find a small spot and thicker than the dense surrounding area. And do not worry, the pair will let you know that if you have found the G-spotnya.
Now, you have the basic instructions. Time to find the way and enjoy the journey. The withdrawal of each trip, you may find obstacles and need consideration, several possibilities to take a detour, and so forth.


devianty said...

hmmmmh, sensitive area?

Ahmad said...

Devianty @ Terima kasih komentnya

jari tengah said...

clitoris tuh yang mana si??