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Tuesday, June 2, 2009

6 Make a Promise The Tight Relationship

Ten years wedding, often a challenge. Established career start, plus the children who are large, making us forget how beautiful to hear sweet promise or the promise of sweet pair.

While the promise of sweet, medium is always to make us fall in love at couples. Because the promise is a blueprint of the sweet love that is done each day. Psychologist John Gottman, PhD, said, the promise of sweet spoken every day always occur in the liver. "This is the crystallization of a later form of real love."

And the promise of sweet, like that which can perpetuate the commitment to share life with the pair?

"I vow to not go to bed angry"
Giving back to the pair after a quarrel, the reaction is not wise. Research conducted by the University of Washington said, the fracas was sleeping only akan prestige rather than increase our sense of pity for couples. But research conducted in the Love Lab, the pair encouraged each of these issues before sleep. The goal is only one, complete problems, which benefits both parties.

"I vow to keep our romance going -even when I'm not feeling romantic"
A heap of work be a routine event with large families, often makes us forget the fun will be done before marriage. Watch movies or eat at a romantic restaurant, for example. Moment when this will make both of us can observe each other in their entirety. Provide time together at the end of the weekend, to realize that the couple is in the side we are the best for us.

"I vow to be honest"
How many times do we watch real couples accompany broadcast live football that we do not actually like? Try to enjoy, in fact only a time bomb set up. For in our hearts, and angry saturated. Promised to accompany the couple in love and heartache, honesty is not to hide. Thus definition of true love is when we can honestly express what we feel in togetherness.

"I vow to stay faithful -even if I'm tempted"
Surveys reveal 28 percent of men who are married, the affair will be at the age of 50 years. And 17 percent of women who are married, are also experiencing the same thing. Interest to have the opposite type is reasonable. But make a commitment that we share a life forever more have the meaning is when we do not want to test ourselves.

"I vow to take care of myself"
Unwittingly maintaining and caring for oneself is a way to make a couple we always fall in love. Physical and emotional health is the main capital to be able to accompany the pair. When we are sick, the pair we will be out of a spirited routines. Consequently, day-to-day that be felt even more weight than usual because there was no joy that can be enjoyed together.

"I vow to cultivate intimacy"
There is no one to provide time for both. Both this time, is a way to deepen ties with the pair. We listen to what the problem, without having to participate in the intervention. Place itself as a good listener. Sometimes, having a good listener is the best therapy to release stress.


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