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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Tricks to Overcome The Aggressive Woman on The Bed

MEN control the battle, that it is normal. But, what if the situation applies vice versa? Although men generally are required to always have a proactive and initiative when in bed, but it does not mean they should always give a call to make pairs.

When the pair must be aggressive in bed is not easy, but mainly in order to remain visible, there are some tricks that you should have to compensate for the action he is.

There are some tricks for you to pair up aggressively in the bed, namely:

Remain mysterious

Remain mysterious. For the action still tight-lipped when make a flavor that must enliven the game. Silent and respond to all the wild action while occasionally switch views of the face he would make the pair's attitude with you. This time, the pair leave the game and provide the stimulus dots excitative you. With this action you will be guaranteed to bring in a pair of beautiful memories unforgettable.

Control game

Couples who generally want to take aggressive game. Although you have to let him act aggressively, be sure you can still control the game. One defeat can prove that you do not necessarily always make the time with her. Therefore, if you do not want to be stamped loser, try to make the game a tie.

Give a special command

Give commands in a special event to be key elements of the struggle that will help you master pair. This step can also press the pairing aggressive attitude so that he can not beat you easily. Tell intimate with a series of sentences that show the prankish you who enjoy the wild action.

Make the initiative to invite

When the pair showed signals make, he will usually start prankish sigh before you. Before you hear the sigh that, we steal start with the first give it a touch of foreplay seduce. One way that can be done is to touch the side of the body while the second squeeze breast. Action You will excite him the time to give you bite intercommunion in his neck. Spontaneous gesture that will make you immediately turn on.


cat said...

nice post...but also provide sextoys

ammadis said...

Hmmm nice postie friend....

I think it's need a more variation on ML with your couple...

Thanks for your info n pic is so cool...he..he...he...

I'll wait your comment back in my blog...THANKS...!

devianty said...

hemhhhh nice post, ...good article 4 couple or married women and man

Ahmad said...

Cat, Ammadis & Devianty @ terima kasih komennya.