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Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Condoms Not Reduce Erotisme Sex

WHY most adults-even though they know the risk of unsafe sex, still refuse to use condoms? According to their perception, condoms reduce the sensation, smell, and make sexual activity is not fun.

Condoms dismiss the sensation that we can feel if without it, but condoms do not always distressing, bad, and smelly. There are a lot of condoms that offer breakthrough new attempt to break the perception.

Secret to making condoms can be a part of you is erotisme "know and are" with it. The withdrawal cooking, use a condom just need a little knowledge, especially about the type and materials used.

Here are some notes about the condoms that will not reduce the erotisme sex you and your partner

Know that you use a condom

How, do a small test (skin test) to the condom that you can choose to feel the texture is soft and elastic. Then, lap, smell, and wind instrument such as a balloon to know that condoms are of good quality.

The biggest mistake the user does not have a condom is enough oil when the condom is placed. Even if your condom brands that you use to ensure that condoms contain oil, a little content and will not be enough to make you complete the session.

If your oil is not enough, you and your partner will be difficult to find pleasure sensation. Even feel painful struggle. Therefore, add oil to your liking.

More satisfactory
Pair with a soft condoms to Mr P pair. This allows the condom to Mr P can touch sensation with a more satisfying for him.

Talk about the size of condoms, condoms are thin or weak sensation offers a more diverting, the condom would make it larger, while the condom is too tight sensation of pleasure.

Calm, condoms can also provide satisfaction for women, particularly in the labia and entrance Miss V.

Heat sexual experience
Try different condoms taste and fragrance, such as banana, strawberry, or mint.

If you experience skin irritation every time you use a condom, stop use of these types. Allergies can be due to your material or oil lateks of the condom.

If so, try a latex condom-free, such as the condom for women. Search condoms and oil-free instead, you can use other types of oil that is suitable for your skin.


twew said...

pertamaxxx euuyyy...
klo kondom mang bener2 bisa cegah HIV ya mas??

Ahmad said...

Twew @ Katanya Si Begitu, Btw blm Pernah Nyoba Si..