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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

69, Women's Favorite Sex Position

WHEN routine boring sex, couples looking for an alternative to time make a different position. One of them, 69 sex position. How do I practice?

As known, the position of 69 make it interesting to put into practice. But of fact, there are some women who do not like it.

Style make this can be done with the second pair face each other in parallel and in bed. With this position makes it easier to maneuver pair.

Use fingers to do the oral. Touching and penetration clitoris him. How to do anything in order to pair loose rein. But not excessive, because the he can spontaneously release Mr. P.

However, to implement the 69 position there are some rules that you both easier bermanuver, some rules:

Clear away
Same as the other sex, you both need to clean them first before starting the melee. So, if you both want to make a successful position 69, clean themselves first, especially in the genital area. For each pair will be more sensitive area is to the body than the other.

In fact, it is better if you do both. Bathroom with shower under the excite and make you immediately want to make with it.

Foreplay tempt
As well as make other position, to increase the passion to him, you have to do foreplay first. This action must be done slowly. Therefore, you can not force immediately take a position on the body. Make sure you can burn gairahnya with foreplay seduce, bermanuver new position with 96.

Woman on top position
If you want to practice the position of 69, you better apply the style of women on top. This style is able to increase the enthusiasm and spirit during the mourning phase in progress.
Style is also easier for your pet hair, and make him able to control the speed of movement that allows for penetration.
When you let him hold the control, next to could be a style choice to make with him in the comfort of long duration. To provide more comfort, no one put a pillow to prop the head.

Si he also wanted to achieve comfort
When you want to make 69 positions, the most important is you are not the only object that you want to achieve pleasure. Couples also need to be treated the same. Therefore, a variety of important directions will be more easier for you to reach both beautiful game with him.


zaskia ayunda puspita said...

jadi mau nih

trik tips blog said...

tema yang kreatif..langsung praktek lapangan...hahahaha

trik tips blog said...

salam kenal ya..

trik blog
trik tips blog

Ahmad said...

Zaskia @ Silakan Aj D Coba, Tp JaNgan Utk Coba-Coba..!!!
Trik Tips Blog @ Salam Kenal Juga, Peraktek D Lapangan Sendiri Ya...!!!

shared for all said...

wah mantab gan.,.,.,.menuju TKP :)