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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

First Night Success Secret

Passing through the night with the first success is always the desire of each pair. Although the first night always gives the impression of every person is different, does not mean not to enjoy the beautiful sex.

First night for the new married couple who become the new thing, but with a special strategy. With training and technical variants make to bring a different sex couples who travel to seduce. One of the steps that can be done is to give special surprises. You can give the first night of surprises in many ways, including:

Conducting action prankish

To make the action started, usually the male sex is always a wait to begin. If you want to seduce, harmless captivate you with her to do the things other than normal. Namely wearing boxer shorts and get couples to enjoy the battle with the erotic dance for two.

Give a kiss greatest

When you arrive at your room, you two do not necessarily want to remove patient clothing and immediately grapple with. You also need to make a romantic step before giving effect to the best pair. One of them obsess over a kiss.

Before doing that, you can bring the fantasy you have and help explore the desires that he has long been hidden. After the fantasy of each, paired with a surprise attack on the terrible smell throughout the body.

Warm water bath in the bath tub

To provide treatment in the pair, you need not look for confused way. You can perform simple to prepare with warm water in the bath tub. After becoming king and queen one day, you can invite couples hot water bath to clean the body and fatigue. Take advantage of this special moment with exploring the different positions make

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