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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

The cause of passionate sex

NOT a secret anymore if the lack of interest in sex can be demanded of partners in the marriage problem. What causes the decline passion?

There is no certainty about what category that includes normal sexual passion, but at least most women care about when found himself less interested in sex with. Basically, most people have a healthy interest in sex, but there are several reasons why this decrease can be sudden. Here are some of them:

Hormonal problems

Hormonal problems can be accompanied by changes in body weight, the menstrual period does not regularly, hair growth, and so forth.


After giving birth, women are often less interested in sex against, as a result of the fluctuation level hormone, sleep disturbances the night, and the fact women tend to regard the fruits of her husband their hearts. The small main priorities will be, at least for a few days after birth.

Pain in less time and energy

If a sick or tired, the body tends to store energy for activities other than the intimate touch.

Psychological problems in the past

Number of psychological therapy to help someone a little outside of psychological problems, but experience in the past can be so obsess on the activity seksualnya now.

Less love in the pair

If the pair fails to make you impressed, or you feel the pair is not considering your needs, this can impact on the sexual appetite.

Stress, fear, and depression

When you are have a problem, the body will divert energy to compromise with the problems and sexual desires are ignored. Do not let the problem decreased sexual desire sustained. Seek help from a psychologist or seksolog, for example, if your problem was due to experience sex in the past. So, if it is not possible to consult a doctor, what can you do?

  • Apply healthy lifestyle so that your body is also healthy, physically and mentally.
  • Consumption of food nutrition, such as bread, milk, eggs, meat, chicken, beans, fish, fruit, and so forth.
  • Stop drinking alcohol habits, just because alcohol will prevent absorption of nutrients by the body that go through your food consumption.
  • Lower body weight. This not only makes you more positive self-regard, but also improve the function of hormones.
  • Organized sports because it can improve mood and positive impact on hormone levels and your energy.
  • Multivitamin consumption. Multivitamin may improve health in general, both to help you when you Pre-menstrual Syndrome


chikal said...

sediain bahasa indonesianya dong om... kan ora mudeng iki.. twew

cupid's idea said...

gag taw ya...kug pengenx..malam ajah...

menurutku...banyak yang sulit diungkapkan dalam sejuta...misteri malam..

kadang...begitu sepi untuk menyadari bahwa sendiri
kadang juga ramai...tapi langit begitu senyap
kadang sangat sepi tapi karena hiasan malam jadi begitu meriah

pokokx... malam adl keadaan yang paling sering terlewatkan...

dan mungkin hanya sepersekian orang yang mendapatkan keindahan untuk bisa bercerita dalam malam

ammadis said...

Hmmm nice info to repair the marriage older relationship...