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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Your Strategy to be a Good Kisser

Lot of men and women want to know the moment to enjoy the powerful pairing in a struggle. In fact, they often think the way to help couples make advanced.

The reason is because people want to make any satisfaction, so even with spouses.

For you who want to make variations to create a never done before, then there is no one to follow several steps to become a great kisser, best foreplay create, find out the location of the G-spot, and make a place feel tempestuous romance.

The key steps are must be done not pair with your patient make a scent that is great.

Give a Kiss Opener

A kiss that you give can be colored in the opener before launching the sweet smell "real."

Osculation very meaningful for this couple, because you can make them feel the heaven of the world. You will feel more relaxed and intimate body language call to immediately wrestled on the bed.

Know the Exact When Kiss

You can provide warm kiss to pair with soft lips and not in a hurry. Experience the taste of the mouth, and slide your body to cross over him.

If he reply to your call, you can immediately seduce the swing action has long been be expected. Enjoy the rhythm slowly, and feel the body blow to the seventh heaven.

Playing With Tongue

Slow play your tongue to tongue, and enjoy the game with a dream to give full attention to the pair.

The next step, you can both play each other's mouth and tongue play, from the neck up to his genital area.

To provide extraordinary sensation, you can make a game using the tongue, chocolate, honey, mint candy or wine to make you feel sweet tongue.

Happy trying!

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chikal said...

cara ngasih ciuman pertama gmn ya??
dah lupa nih saking lamanya ndirian :(