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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Women's Sexual Body Language

PERHAPS, more closed and women in matters sexual shame. Rather than ask directly, try to find the answer through your body language show that he sexually.

Sometimes difficult to ask what happens in the middle of pair when you are make with it. Does he enjoy himself with? Are you doing the right technique? Is he satisfied?

Similar to men, women also make happy. Of course by the couple who know how to bring the best erotisme. If you are not sure whether the pair to enjoy themselves during the make, you need to conduct investigations. Communicate in verbal and nonverbal; ask what he wanted and listened to him carefully.

Women are more likely to close in the sex business. However, you will not be silent and give it up. If you are not sure and need certainty, see signs, not obvious that he was trying to submit, through his sensual body language.

He would show you how you should fight. The body will show some signs that he does not inflame that he can hide. But remember, every woman has different signs.

Next, some common body language signs of normal sexual woman made for you know.

Wheeze Winded Quickly

When relaxed, we breath sigh so quiet flow. However, when the women turn on, blowing winded so fast. This is also the heart the rattle faster. Tap the heart of the breath and wheeze increased when he's going to be ready orgasme, in which organs and muscles in need more oxygen.

If you can hear the swishing winded changes, the action you do is right. If you can feel the heart tap, it means you are successful to satisfied him. Sexual language is giving you signals that he inflame. You should be suspicious if he was breathing normally but has tremendous pass orgasme.


If the ends of the pair kicking legs and twist in your body, it is likely that he was enjoying her body. You have succeeded in making them horny. If he was "encouraged" the body, he felt the center favors. Try to change position or pause time, and make it more heat with your hands, if he does not give the reaction. After that, see how his sensual body language changed.

Vagina Muscle Movement
You can feel the musculature, skin, walls, and Miss V at its center Mr P you fight in the wild. Wall of the vagina muscles are very strong and the pair will use this and to feel some pleasure during make out.

You can also experience and enjoyment during contraction orgasme. At that time, Miss V and convulse his squeeze you. But not always, so do not use it as the size. Because the result of some disease conditions, some women do not have good control when orgasme.

If you do not feel squeezed, do not trigger complete struggle. Yet, you may already know the thrill of delight through its V Miss, especially when approaching orgasme, because he will let you go further. Note the sensual body language and feel what is happening in the area to its miss-V.

Women and men each time have a different taste and will not give the same reaction, although with a touch of the same. So, try a few things and do not get stuck in routines. Practice, seduce, and change position. When you hear the wishper, you'll know that you just strike the right point, so ... go on! Keep on going!.


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chikal said...

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