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Monday, April 27, 2009

The Secret of Big Huge Awesome Kisses

Kiss could be effectively as the fun and unforgetable story, love. Together with the him, kiss that you could even get is more enthusiastic.

You want to get the pair's tempestuous kiss? Set the technique to fit attempt her with body language so that couples can capture your desire.

So that there can smell great, you can following trick.


Tell him that you want to be kissed. Perform slowly but surely begins with the sound pressure tenderly as if you want to indulge themselves in his arm. Then, give rhythm to stop or pause a moment to set the mood so you better. It also aims to allow you not look too nervous or aggressive. The last step is to approach self-body pair and spoke softly so that the more intimate atmosphere.

See directly into the lips

Kiss each other before the action begins, glimpse and touch the soft lips. This section is the way express your feelings and desires.

Focus with your mind

When couples kissed lips, you should focus on the enjoyment of creating, not what about in his mind. Osculation great secret is not what you prepare, but more to how satisfy and favors can be perceived. Is the best attitude you can simply close both eyes and enjoy the satisfaction of the worm.

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plontos said...

jd pengen ciuman nih..
tapi masa iye dah ge ciuman ma tembok