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Monday, April 27, 2009

Create The Passionate of Gorgeous Kisses

KISS is a classical language that is capable of expressing a variety of love and pity someone to hi or her couples. With smooch, can bring a remarkable sensation in a "game".

It may considered because at the mouth area, there are millions of nerve cells of sexual lust. Mouth has a sensor that is very sensitive, because the love of the game will feel the thrill and satisfaction.

As quoted from the book Art of Enjoying Sex Andreas Lee Tan, there is some type of smell that can make a flush time, among them:

Osculation Opener

This type of smell can be done with rileks as early sexual activity do. Although rileks, but this type of smell can bring feelings of cordial for each pair.

The smell made with the mouth remains closed, the lips collide with the lips. When paste is done with the mouth full of tenderness. To increase the sensation, you can do with the eyes closed.

In addition the aim can also be done on the cheek or brow. Even the hair, the hands, backs, hands, the region in the neck, breast and stalk can be another target.

Osculation Dry

This is a level further after osculation opener. Technique with a little time with opening mouth smooch, whispering little wind through the mouth and then paste the full feeling soft and intimate, hold a moment to enjoy the vibrations.

Then slowly lift and do the movement is repeated at the end of the fingers, the lips, eyes, base of arms, breasts and butt.

Wet Kiss

Wet kiss is done with the open mouth. Then use wet mouth with tongue movement plays lips look so wet and split by sycophancy.

After the lips are wet, the smell of the body couple. In the kiss, play the tongue touches the skin so that the pair. In addition to wet areas such as lips, neck, breast, and other sensitive body parts, can also be done in the back pair.

Osculation Lick

Technical smooch lick with the model can accelerate the increase of flame, with mouth kisses and tongue move as middle suck candy. How, get on top of the tip of the mouth slightly open and then enter the tongue to the licking object.

The body of the most effective model for licking osculation this is in the mouth, breast hilt, clitoris, fingertips, and the tip of the ear.

Osculation Suck

Sucking osculation with the same technique that was developed on the licking model. If the model uses game tongue lick, sucking model rely on the lips, such as when the energy drinks suck.

Emphasis techniques sucking this contraction in the musculature around the mouth, cheeks, and neck. Technique is to do a little kiss while providing the strength of the straw stalk breast, chest, and neck.

Osculation Bites

This technique is an effort to level up as a way to increase when the flame through the process intimate relationship. Do with a bite on the soft areas stimulus pair. If the bite is combined with a lick tongue, the sensation caused feels sting. Soft niples in between the teeth, then release and repeat again.

Former bites with red will become beautiful memories after the "battle" at the top of the bed. Osculation model with the bite can be done in the chest, stalk breast, back, neck, and thigh.

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