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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

According to the Romantic Men

According to the theory, men really do not like things that are romantic. In practice I do also. Although they do not call as romantisme, but its meaning is the same, ie, the expression of love and attention from the pair. So just curious, what actions are according to him can be more romantic than a box of chocolate or flowers? That's it!

Dress up for it
As a partner, you certainly know him taste. Now, with the occasional dressed up style it like that. Remember, you do this for his passion. "He bring along a shopping and ask for it to pick a dress that she would want for your life," suggested Barbara De Angelis, Ph.D., author book Secrets About Men Every Woman Should Know.

That you also need to remember, man is a oriented creature more focus on appearance. Therefore, it is a very romantic thing for them is to see you dress up in accordance with their style and imagination.

Like pair initiative
Many men claim to feel more desired when the pair initiative they do not shrink from physical contact. Holding up his hands at shopping malls in the street or "play" under the table leg, is an example of physical touch that they like. The men interpret the touches as the expression of acceptance and desire of spouses.

Permit intercommunicate
When you leave they can gather and socialize with friends, for them it is sweet and romantic. You may feel strange because according to them romantisme form does not involve you, but break a moment and come together with the companions.

Flattering at him
You certainly know how exciting it praised. Be careful with the occasional flattering at him. You can say the body is still sexy and strapping, or say how you really enjoy the game that he gave last night. Praise you give him will enjoy a message that you want, need, and carrying him.

Give the right gift
Want to focus on the gift? Think about something that will make him happy. When he is a music lovers, tickets getting through a concert of his favorite band will be more rather than a bottle of perfume he likes.

Give attention
Find ways to show attention to all aspects of his life is in the right way to show you are very concerned about him. Occasionally participate to accompany him to his hobby's, gave congratulatory birthday at his mother, or give this book related to the profession, is an example of the things small means big.

Told a secret
He also wanted to be your soul mate. Told you the secret is the symbol and expression that you believe him, and on the relationships that are built. He certainly will not be any objection to share a secret with you.

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